Dear friends,

As we navigate these uncertain times, I believe that now, more than ever, we must invest in excellence in our education system.

The Covid-19 pandemic, economic challenges posed by inflation and rising interest rates, and the climate crisis have made life more complicated for us all. We must look to the future and make sure we properly equip the next generation with the skills they need to build a better future for all. It is our responsibility as a community to provide our children with the everything they need to be successful in life - and that starts at school.

If you elect me to be your Winnipeg School Division Trustee for Ward 3 I will:

  • Ensure you and your family have a local voice at the table

  • Push for continuous improvement and progress of our public education system so that our community needs not to settle for the status quo

  • Bring forward new and innovative ideas to enhance learning as we create opportunities and pathways to success for all students

  • Prioritize fiscal responsibility while finding creative solutions to ensure that the needs of Winnipeg schools are met. I will use my connections and knowledge of our political systems to work with the provincial and federal levels of government to increase their investments in Winnipeg's future - our children

  • Establish tree-planting programs in our schools though which students can earn credit for helping to protect our urban forest from Dutch Elm Disease while engaging in the fight against climate change

  • Create student-led community gardens on school grounds where students, families, and members of the community can access free, healthy, local fruits and vegetables

  • Ensure that students with special needs get all the supports they need to be successful in schools including more EAs and speech therapists

  • Work to make sure that no provincial government can play politics with our democratic system by ensuring public schools remain voting locations in all elections

  • Strengthen accountability in after-school programs and sports so that all students are free to pursue their passions knowing they will be safe from harm